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Sequoyah Middle School

Dekalb County Schools


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Sequoyah Middle School operates on a traditional middle school schedule. Students have four core content classes for 50 minutes each. Students also participate in two connections/specials on alternate days for a traditional block schedule. Students are assigned a "Team" of teachers and move together as a cohort between those four core teachers. Please access our Staff page to locate specific teachers.
Connections/Specials include Art, Band, Business Education, Chorus, Engineering, Health, Math Tools, Orchestra, Physical Education, and Reading Tools.  Sequoyah Middle School also offers year-long enrichment courses in Advanced Math, Spanish, Art and Engineering.

Our administration and teachers used data provided by the NWEA's MAP test and the Georgia Milestones to provide additional support for our students who need supplemental instruction in English Languages Arts and/or Mathematics. These students attend one regular ELA or Math class and one remedial session geared specifically to address the collective curriculum weaknesses of these core subjects.  
In addition, students who may need extensive remediation in Reading and/or Math are enrolled in either Math Tools or Reading Tools during their alternating connections schedule.  Students who do not participate in these support classes attend traditional ELT (Extended Learning Time) enrichment classes in other core subjects.
Students with minimum language barriers are assigned to ESOL classes in Math and English Language Arts.  These students follow the same core content standards but are guided under the SIOP Model (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol).
Our school is also unique in that it offers a site-based IC (International Center). Students who are age appropriate for middle school, but who are not "language ready" are enrolled in the IC program.  The instructors of these classes are bi-lingual and/or educated in adaptive learning.  Students learn the basics of the English language in additional to modified instruction in grade level content.